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Fed up with smacking at bothersome mosquitoes and avoiding humming flies? Express farewell to baffling pursues and insufficient showers with the progressive Electri Fly UV Light USB Bug Zapper Racket! This imaginative Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket is your definitive weapon against flying bugs, offering a protected, helpful, and strong answer for both indoor and open air use.

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This makes the Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket stick out:

Twofold the Zap Power: Experience moment end with its two times speed release, conveying a strong 2500V zap that quickly kills mosquitoes, flies, and, surprisingly, bumble bees.
Security First: Loosen up knowing the electric shock-confirmation net is totally innocuous to people and pets when contacted level. Its 3-layer configuration guarantees bugs are caught actually without escape.
Battery-powered Comfort: Trench dispensable batteries! This swatter flaunts a battery-powered battery with a dependable charge, keeping you arranged for any bug intrusion.
Double Capability: The coordinated UV light draws in mosquitoes even in obscurity, making them obvious objectives for the destroying lattice.
Convenient Force to be reckoned with: Its lightweight and conservative plan makes it ideal for in a hurry bug control. Take it setting up camp, on picnics, or appreciate sans bug nights in your deck.

Yet, that is not all! The Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket likewise includes:

Simple cleaning: Essentially wipe the net with a dry material.
Solid development: Dependable with excellent materials.
Numerous speed settings: Pick the best zap strength for various circumstances.
Try not to allow troublesome bugs to destroy your tomfoolery or jeopardize your wellbeing. Request your Electri Fly UV Light USB Bug Zapper Racket today and experience the distinction!


Kindly note:

Grown-up management is suggested for youngsters utilizing the swatter.
Try not to involve the swatter in wet circumstances.
Adhere to somewhere safe directions cautiously for ideal execution and life span.

Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket: Your Bug-Destroying Hero!

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Kills Electri Fly UV Light USB Bug Zapper Racket In a split second:

High-Voltage Framework: Destroys them dead with 3000 volts upon contact, no way out!
Alluring Light: Discharges an exceptional blue light (365nm) that bugs love, tricking them to their destruction.
Alright for Everybody:

Triple Insurance: Two protection layers and an intense ABS shell guard you and your friends and family from unplanned shocks.
No Synthetic substances, No Wreck: No unsafe vapor or showers, simply safe destroying!

Enduring and Helpful:

Battery-powered Battery: Appreciate long stretches of sans bug euphoria on a solitary charge (1200mAh).
USB-C Charging: Effectively re-energize utilizing any USB-C link, very much like your telephone!
In general, Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket is the ideal answer for:

True serenity: Realizing your family is protected from troublesome nibbles.
Charming open air time: Unwind without smacking or agonizing over mosquitoes.
Perfect and synthetic free vermin control: A protected decision for your home and the climate.
So ditch the chaotic showers and express farewell to irritating bugs! Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket is your hero for an irritation free home.

How it Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket and Stays Safe:

The Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket works like a bug-busting champion! How it's done:

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Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket to their Destruction:

Purple Drove Light: This unique light draws in bugs like a magnet, making them powerful to troublesome flies and mosquitoes.

Destroying Immediately:

3000V Electric Lattice: When a bug contacts the cross section, they get a strong zap, disposing of them rapidly and really.

Totally solid:

Double Layer Cross section Head: Made with sturdy hardened steel and aluminum, this lattice is solid and won't wear out without any problem.

Wellbeing First:

Shock Anticipation: The racket is intended to forestall incidental shocks when you use it.
Protected to Contact: Even the electric net is protected to contact with your hands, giving inner harmony.

Power Up and Zap On:

Enduring Battery: Appreciate long stretches of sans bug fun on a solitary charge.
USB Battery-powered: Effectively re-energize with any USB-C link, very much like your telephone!

Thus, Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket is:

Viable: Baits and Electrifly Bug Zapper Racket immediately.
Safe: Worked with wellbeing highlights for effortless use.
Advantageous: Dependable battery and simple USB charging.